Clint's Policy Paper

Major League Baseball has had a serious problem arise over the last decade. Many players are resorting to the use of performance enhancing to try and separate themselves from the other players. Based on numbers recorded in recent random drug tests, baseball analysts estimate that between 50 and 85 percent of players have used performance enhancing drugs. (Jenkins, 2004) George Mitchell, a very accomplished baseball analyst and state senator, has stated that this heavy steroid use has also made this era of baseball be known as the steroid era. In a recent survey done last March, seventy-nine percent of baseball players admitted that steroids have played a major role in the recent record breaking performances. (Jenkins, 2004) These kinds of statistics are making the players of the past very angry. When they played the game performance enhancing drugs were not as popular and aside from bodybuilders very few people considered taking them. The previous facts that have been stated are only a few problems that performance enhancing drugs are bringing to the game of baseball. When adding the health risks and the bad message that it sends to younger players when they see Major League players using steroids, this becomes a serious problem that needs a new harsher policy.
The current policy of Major League Baseball for performance enhancing drugs is at least one unannounced in season test per player. Random offseason testing with no limit on the number of times each player can be tested. If the player’s test comes back positive the penalties are as follows: The first time the player is suspended 10 days. The second time the suspension grows to 30 days. The third time the suspension is 60 days and the fourth time the player is suspended for 1 year, all suspensions are without pay. (Bodley, 2005 )
The policy that will be proposed to the players of Major League Baseball is a zero tolerance policy. Each player will be tested at the beginning and the end of each season and once in the middle of the season at a random date so that the players will not know when the test will take place. Testing will also take place in the off season but will be random rather than mandatory. The name of the policy speaks for itself. If any player ever has a test that returns positive results, they will be banned from the game indefinitely. To eliminate the false positive factor, each player will give two samples each time they test, and if the first comes back positive the second sample will be immediately tested. Of course, the player can go through an appeals process but most likely they will be denied reinstatement into the game. The testing that takes place at the beginning and at the end of each season will be at the expense of each organization. The costs of these tests are about between 10 and 30 dollars which makes it very realistic for each team to be able to afford this policy. (Fox, 2008) The random off-season testing will be done at the expense of Major League Baseball. The testing will search for anabolic steroids as well as diuretics, masking agents, and designer steroids.
This policy is best because not only are the players going through continuous testing but it will also serve as a powerful deterrent. Players will have no time for steroids to cycle out of their body, so this will make it virtually impossible for any player to take steroids during their career. The use of steroids is hurting the integrity of the game and this policy will keep steroid use under control. If this policy is adopted there will be no steroid use in Major League Baseball and the game will be played the way it is meant to be played. Hard work and dedication will return as the primary factors that determine a player’s success.
The game of baseball is commonly thought of as America’s past-time. The use of anabolic steroids is rapidly changing people’s perception of baseball. Many players that once had bright futures in the game are now facing serious consequences because they chose to use performance enhancing drugs. Steroids are also stirring up anger from past players. This new policy will over time eliminate steroids from the game of baseball because there will be no chance for the steroids to cycle out of their body, in turn making it impossible for players to use performance enhancing drugs. This new policy will force players to play fairly and with the talent that they have worked for, not the kind that comes from a syringe or pill.

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